OFWs In Riyadh Are Forced To Sign A Termination Letter By Their Company. What Happened When They Didn't Sign Was Terrifying!


Four videos of overseas Filipino workers being harassed in Riyadh went viral.

According to the OFW Pautwasan Facebook page, the owners of the videos were leaving work at 4 PM as scheduled. Suddenly the companions of the workers taking the video were called to their office where their work badge and "iqama" IDs were taken away.

Then they were forced to sign their termination papers. They refused.

At 8PM, the police was called by management to the workers’ camp. The police came to take away all workers without an iqama ID. The iqama IDs of the other OFws were still at office. 

Later in the evening the workers without the iqama IDs were taken without their consent. The people filming resisted, not allowing their fellow OFWs to be taken away. 

Featured in the 4 videos is the confrontation between the group of OFWs and the authorities. Other Pinoys filmed the harassment as well, despite the dangers it posed. 

In the spirit of the season let us, as Filipinos, spread awareness about the troubles facing our OFWs.

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Source: TNP Facebook

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