OFW’s Balikbayan Box Containing Shoes And Chocolates Replaced With This! Unbelievable!


Ailyne Gumabon, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) based in Hong Kong sent a Balikbayan box for her family containing shoes and chocolates. Unfortunately, when the box was opened, the contents were replaced with newspapers and mail bundles.

The understandably incensed OFW shared what happened on her Facebook account, saying that she sent the package through SpeedPost on February 16, 2016. The packaged originally contained 6 pairs of shoes, 6 pcs shirts, 1 piece short, 1 bag, a cup and 32 pieces of chocolates. 

The post office told Gumabon that it will only take 3 days for her family to claim the box but after 2 weeks, it still hasn't reach her loved ones. When she went to the post office, they told her that it is already in the Philippines and has been with the Bureau of Customs since the 17th of February. 

Gumabon's husband went to the BOC's office in Pasay City to check if the box was already there but they told him that they haven’t received it yet. Gumabon's husband then called a friend who works for the BOC to ask if his wife's package had arrived. His friend told him that it has already been received but was not yet delivered to the post office since it came with a large shipment. 

After two more weeks, Gumabon received a call saying that the box had already arrived at the post office. She told her husband to pick up the package and open it immediately. They were shocked upon discovering that the contents have been replaced with newspapers and mail bundles. 

She was understandably furious at the deception.

OFW’s Balikbayan Box Containing Shoes and Chocolates Replaced with Newspaper and Mail Bundles
Source: TNP, Rachfeed

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