Baste Duterte To His Father's Critics: My father won’t be a dictator, he will treat our country as his own child.


Baste Duterte, the youngest son of President Rodrigo Duterte, defended his father from his critics against allegations of an impending dictatorship and imposition martial law.

"They don't know him that well," the 28-year-old Duterte said. "They say he is a dictator. They say that if he wins the presidency, he will declare martial law. They say that he is a murderer. If that is true then I must have been raised by a different person because the Rodrigo Duterte that I know told me to go out and share my blessings," he continued. 

He mentioned to the press that President Duterte is really caring and always has a heart for the masses. 

He recalled his childhood days in Davao where he is always instructed by his father to share his toys with the unfortunate. He also mentioned that Duterte always instructed him to treat each other equally and fairly and that he should respect everyone. 


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