News5 Reporter Tested The Power Of This Man To Make Anyone Bulletproof And The Results Shocked Everyone!


Cult group 'Tresmundo' claim that they have members who are allegedly bullet proof. Obviously, they have been making headlines with their so-called spiritual abilities which grants them immunity and protection.

News5 reporter Gary De Leon decided to probe deeper into this incredible story and test out the power of the group.

In a video shared by InterAksyon, the news reporter was tasked to drink water after being subjected to a ritual in preparation for the test.

As dangerous and life-threatening as the situation was, the reporter willingly put his life at stake and at the mercy of 'Tresmundo's' ability to protect him as two guns, a calliber 45 and m16 armalite, were pointed at him.

Surprisingly, at the crucial moment, the video showed that the guns started malfunctioning.

Netizens however are divided in the issue; some believe in this superhuman power while some remain skeptical, claiming that the video is a hoax and the guns were clearly locked.

Tell us what you think! Watch video below!

Source: TNP , Facebook

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