New Crush Ng Bayan 'Needleman' Has A Touching Story To Tell, Guaranteed To Make You Cry!


Joining the likes of Bagman, Carrotman, Jeepneyman and other heartthrobs produced by the social media is Needleman, the cute and admirable nurse from Laguna.

Needleman, whose real name is Jerome Muriel, became famous after a Facebook user named Iscen posted his photos on duty at UPH-DR Jose G. Tamayo Medical Center.

However, he received some criticism, with most people saying that he's just another face that would be famous on social media without any legitimate reasons.

But what the bashers did not know was that Iscen did not just post the photos to make Muriel internet famous. He posted Muriel on social media in hopes that people would be inspired by his tragic backstory.

Muriel is currently helping Iscen's sister, who was diagnosed with cancer, to get better. Muriel lost his sister to cancer and that is why he is very compassionate with his patients because he does not want other people to experience the same thing.

Here's Iscen full message:

"Madami naman daw mas guwapo. I’m just sad to see some comments na ganun, inggit lang sila siguro. To be honest with you there’s a much deeper reason kaya ko siya pinost sa IG ko. Kagaya ng sabi ko sa ‘yo this morning, my sister is a cancer patient and we’ve been battling her condition for over a year now. And maybe most people have no idea of the agony because it’s emotionally, mentally, physically and expensively draining. Jerome showed us kung gaano siya ka concern sa pasyente at sobra ko na appreciate yun. 

What happen that monday morning is unexpected my sister was immediately scheduled for thoracentesis procedure. It’s a minor surgery at the back of a patient inserting a small tube to drain some water on the lungs. My sister was not prepared to undergo another surgical procedure kaya natatakot siya. Alam ko kung ano hirap pinag dadaanan niya for the past 12 months, chemo treatment and all na halos every two weeks nasa hospital kami. 

That monday morning kailangan palitan ang iv needle ng kapatid ko to a much thicker needle kasi nga she’s being prepared for the surgical procedure. However the first nurse who attended on her took 5 attempt para tusukan ng malaking karayom kapatid ko and I can tell kung gaano na naman kasakit yun na halos nag puputukan na ugat ng kapatid ko. Sa inis ko dun sa nurse I asked for a senior nurse who can do it smoothly. After 10 minutes or so dumating na nga si jerome, approached my sister with a big smile. 

Hindi niya agad tinusukan kapatid ko but instead nakipag usap muna siya sa amin. I was amazed to see how sincere at kung gaano siya ka caring sa pasyente. Nag explain muna siya kung paano yun gagawin at hahanap nga daw siya ng ugat na hindi brittle. Mababaw akong tao lalo na kapag nag papakita ng totoong care at concern sa kapatid ko, ako kasi nag aalaga sa sister ko and we’ve been together since day 1 ng ma diagnose na may cancer siya. Kaya naman meeting and/or seeing people showing care to cancer patient really touches me at ganun ang nakita ko kay nurse jerome. 

It only took him two attempt para tusukan kapatid ko and sa second attempt niya pumasok agad yun needle. Hindi lang dun natapos ginawa, he keeps on telling us na if there’s anything we need just approach him or ipatawag nga daw namin siya sa nurse station. He did an extra mile, hindi lang basta ginawa niya ang trabaho niya kasi nga nag extend pa siya ng effort like explaining to my sister kung bakit nagiging brittle ang veins ng mga cancer patient. He even stayed for a couple more minutes before leaving, nakipag usap siya as if he can be a friend.

And that’s exactly the reason why I decided to take some photos of him not to expose his physical appearance but rather to tell the world na he’s not just good looking on the outside. Kasi nga he’s really nice to my sister at alam ko ganun din siya sa ibang patient. Kaya I’m just sad to read some comments na OA na daw masyado. Well, kaniya-kaniya naman reaction yan. Basta ang sa akin po sobra ko na appreciate yun extra mile service na ginawa niya sa kapatid ko. Pasensya na po ang haba na ng message ko. Hehehehe!"

New Crush Ng Bayan 'Needleman' Has A Touching Story To Tell, Guaranteed To Make You Cry!
Source: TNP, WhenInManila

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