A Netizen Reveals Connection Between De Lima's Award and Loida Nicolas-Lewis


After news broke out that Senator Leila De Lima received an international award for having an opposing stand against the "extremist leader" President Rodrigo Duterte, different opinions circulated. Some praised the recognition while some were left scratching their heads.

A post by Leix Valenciano Holt, an Australia-based copywriter, on her Facebook account about De Lima's award, went viral. In her post, she said that the Senator got her award through connections with Duterte critic Loida Nicolas-Lewis as the primary connection.

She explained that the Foreign Policy Magazine was founded by Samuel Huntington, who is a co-member of Lewis in Council of Foreign Relations (CFR).

Holt also added that people should not be happy with De Lima's achievement because Foreign Policy Magazine's current CEO and editor David Rothkopf is also a member of CFR who also formerly served as the managing editor of Kissinger Associates which was formed by Henry Kissinger.

What is the connection? Kissinger is the former US state secretary who was involved and charged with numerous crimes against humanity.

Are you convinced that De Lima's award is irrelevant and bad or is Holt just doing an illogical explanation to trump down De Lima? It is up to you.

Netizen Explains Connection of De Lima's Award To Loida Nicolas-Lewis

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