MUST WATCH: Jollibee Saw An Old Woman And What He Did To Her Is Truly Touching!


Jollibee has been a long-time hero for many children. The mascot for the Philippines’ most popular local fast food chain permeates the childhood of many Filipinos. 

Filipinos aren’t the only ones fond of Jollibee. Recently, a Jollibee branch opened in Canada, receiving a warm welcome from both Filipinos and Canadians alike

In a video posted by Shean Molera-Dysangco on Facebook, Jollibee proved that he is not only a hero to the young but to the old as well.

The iconic mascot helped an old woman cross a busy road. He was able to successfully bring the old woman safely to the other side of the street.

Many netizens were touched by this small yet beautiful deed, making the video go viral with more than 9,000 shares and 486,000 views

Watch the full video here:

Source: TNP , Facebook

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