Must See: Richard Gomez And Lucy Torres' New Two-Story Modern Home In An Exclusive Village!


Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres planned on investing in a condo unit in Makati last 2003. But things did not go the way they planned. Instead, they invested in a new two-story home which has become a haven for the Gomez family. However, it took them quite some time before they could move in due to renovations.

Their home was built with the help of Architect Jay Ramos and contractor Anolito Guina who renovated the house. The result is stunning and making it a place you can really call home.

Going inside the house you'll see amazing art pieces made by Isabel Diaz, Michael Cacino, Hernando R. Ocampo and many more. According to the homeowners, the art pieces and some of the things found in their house have significant stories which are very close to their hearts.

MUST SEE: Here's What Richard Gomez And Lucy Torres' New Two-Story Home Look Like!


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