MUST READ: Pres. Duterte Experiences Health Problems And Spinal Issues! Is He In Bad Shape?


As President Rodrigo Duterte conducted his fourth speaking engagement open to the media on Monday at the Wallace Business Forum in Malacañang, he spoke about his various physical conditions with the guests.

"I have this migraine everyday," Duterte told them.

"I had a bad sleep, the last one was this. And I hit the…I have a lot of issues with my spinal. My doctor would want to operate but you know my wife was a nurse and she used to work in the States, United States, and she said there's a lot of operations ine the spinal that went awry, that went wrong."

Despite being the highest government official of the country, Duterte still chooses to resort to alternative treatments such as this technique he does whenever he wants to combat pain: pushing a nerve just below his ear. 

"I cannot afford the operation, it’s not because I do not have the money. I have the money to pay for it. It’s because my wife said that when --- nerve is cut, you are dead forever. So those are the issues that I cannot decide by myself because I’m married to someone says that I should not have it."

The president also disclosed that he used to take Fentanyl which is used to treat chronic pain or manage pain after surgery. 

"And I used to press something here. Fentanyl, it’s a pain killer. It’s being used by patients with cancer. I was only given a fourth of that square thing," he added.

Duterte admitted to having 
Barrett's esophagus and Buerger's disease, which can lead to an increased risk of developing esophageal cancer. However, he reiterates that he does not have cancer.

"I have, might as well tell you about my medical history. Don’t believe in cancer," he said.

On the latter of the event, Duterte was advised by a businessman to consider acupuncture in order to relieve the pain he's been feeling.

MUST READ: Pres. Duterte Experiences Health Problems And Spinal Issues! Is He In Bad Shape?
Source: TNP , GMANetwork

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