Mocha Uson Interviews Japanese Volunteer in Duterte's Kitchen! WATCH HERE!


Mocha Uson is probably the most die-hard of President Duterte’s supporters. From relentlessly bashing Vice President Leni Robredo to constantly reminding the masses of the president’s supposed good deeds, she has remained persistent in her support of the Duterte administration.

Recently, Uson interviewed a Japanese national who volunteered in one of the Duterte's projects –'Duterte's Kitchen'.

The project aims to feed street children in Quezon City and neighboring cities. They started with arroz caldo and champorado but the project soon started receiving overwhelming donations. Many also volunteered to cook and prepare the food. 

According to the Japanese national, he was amazed by the project and its purpose, and hopes to have something similar in Japan. According to him, he flew all the way from Japan 2 days ago to see Filipino children help out in Duterte's Kitchen. At the end of the video, he encouraged other Japanese people to donate anything that might be of help to the project.

As of this writing, the video has already garnered 27 thousand reactions and 9 thousand shares. 

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP, Facebook

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