Mocha Uson Gets Slammed After Criticizing Youth Who Took Part In Anti-Marcos Rallies


After Mocha Uson recently shares photos of the youth who participated in the anti-Marcos protest to show their indignation over the burial of the late President in the Libingan ng mga Bayani, along with a caption criticizing them, the netizens shot back at her.


Sa mga kababayan natin sa ibang bansa ako po ay humihingi ng kapatawaran para sa ilang mga larawan na lumalabas sa FB. Hindi po sila ang nag rerepresenta ng mga kabataan ng Pilipinas. Sila ay ilang mga ligaw na kabataan lamang na naghahanap ng pansin. Marami pa pong kabataan na may tunay na pinaglalaban para sa inang bayan. PATAWAD.

CTTO," writes Uson.

This comment from the sexy blogger have enraged some netizens pushing them to fire back.

"Why are people too quick to oversimplify things? Like duh! These statements are references to pop culture which appeals to the youth. This way it's more relatable, and yes papansin, that's the goal, mapansin. SATIRE. SARCASM. MOCKERY. This strikes harder, slaps harder, sends an even lingering message. Yung mapapaisip ka, if you actually do.

This is the youth showing dissent on social issues. There's more to it, than what you see, than what you understand. This goes to show na the problem with filipinos is that we are fond of using moral appeal to shame the youth, to shame the critical-thinkers, to shame the ones who are fighting for something. And it is a shame, for some adults to label these kids as "failures", "inexperienced", "paid". 

Someone told me once that the young ones are feisty, brave and passionate with their beliefs and as you grow older, you become learnt about things that you have to accept are impossible to reach. "Just settle". Well then, it's not our fault that you lost your passion, it's not our fault that you chose to settle for shortcuts, for temporary and short term peace of mind because you feel it's inconvenient to fight for your rights.

Then let us do it, and dont try to put a wall, just because you dont feel like doing it. Give us the fight, if you dont want to fight along side us. We, the youth arent all stupid, arent all unwise, arent all too young to know what's morally right or wrong. 

Stahp oversimplifying issues. Jesus. Think. Analyze. Then talk. Wag puro talk, wag puro prejudice, wag puro stereorype, wag puro adult-superiority. Wag puro smart-shaming. Wag puro false-dichotomy. Wag puro apathy.


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