Meet The 'Heavenly Horse': The World's Most Beautiful Horse


This golden horse from Turkey is said to be an Akhal-Teke, a type of horse breed that is directly related to Turkoman horse, a specie that have long been extinct.

The first breed to be domesticated almost 3,000 years ago, the Akhal-Teke is known as the world's oldest breed.

Looking like it had been dipped in elegant gold, the coat of the Akhal-Teke gleams when exposed to sunlight. It stands somewhere from 58 to 64 inches or 147 to 163 in centimeters.

This magnificent breed is not only beautiful but rare too. There are only  about 3,500 Akhal-Teke left in the world.

In addition, many of these remaining horses live in Russia and Turkmenistan where they are steeply priced and even considered a national emblem.

Source: TNP, Newsner

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