Man Steals An Exploding Bait Package. The Next Thing That Happened Was Karma At Its Finest!


Stolen packages has been a problem in their subdivision

A man named Tom Mabe lives in a neighboorhood where there are package thieves. It may sound weird, but it's true! 

Now, this man thought of doing something that could tell the thieves that he's messing with the wrong family. 

He then set up CCTV cameras around the house and decided to put a fake box in front of their house. It was actually a 'bait box' that will explode once taken.

The video then showed a big bald guy taking the package from their doorstep. He may have thought that he has just taken the best package. He then left and took the package into his car. But after a few moments, the man was then seen getting out of the car, fuming. It was then when they knew that the package has already exploded and that he already has poop all over him.

Source: TNP, Youtube

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