Mark Zuckerberg Builds His Own 'Jarvis' After Iron Man's Butler!


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that his family just got a butler-- an artifical intelligence-imbued software named Jarvis, after the famous assistant of Marvel Comics character Tony Stark.

He devoted 100 hours on this personal project in order to help his family and to advance technology.

However, Jarvis is not what people would expect. Jarvis is an application on his mobile phone and computer and not a physical robot. Jarvis can be programmed to control the home's temperature, appliances, lights, and even music!

"One aspect that was much more complicated than I expected was simply connecting and communicating with all of the different systems in my home," Zuckerberg said."Most appliances aren't even connected to the internet yet."

The tech billionaire plans to continue improving Jarvis and remains convinced that the future of home innovation is in AI.

"In the longer term, I'd like to explore teaching Jarvis how to learn new skills itself rather than me having to teach it how to perform specific task."

Mark Zuckerberg Builds His Own 'Jarvis' After Iron Man's Butler!
Source: TNP , ABS-CBN

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