MAJOR TRANSFORMATION: Sharon Cuneta's New And Slimmer Look Will Definitely Surprise You!


Gaining so much weight became the problem of singer and actress Sharon Cuneta, that is why she decided to lose some weight.

She shared her experience about weight gain on Tonight With Boy Abunda:

"I did what I had to do. Kasi nung napanood ko iyong sarili ko sa birthday special ng 'ASAP' for me, I was shocked . I felt small. I never let my physical obstacles that I had been carrying on my back -- I never let those define me. Pero nahiya ako sa fans ko. As an actress, you're supposed to keep yourself looking like a leading lady and apparently, I had really crossed the line. And that was a real wake-up call," the actress said.

Cuneta also shared that she has done several diet programs and even went through liposuction to remove the excess fats in her body. However, all of those did not work. Then that's where she decided to go "all natural".

As a result, a new and slimmer Sharon Cuneta will be seen on your TV screens.

A photo of her pictorial at the upcoming "Your Face Sounds Familiar" was uploaded on Facebook where she'll be one of the judges.

She wore a strapless, dark blue dress with transparent sleeve and lacy designs which emphasized her slimmer body. Cuneta then disclosed that she went through a weight loss program and her recent photos are proof of her transformation.


"This is [an] unretouched, unedited photo, okay?" Cuneta said.

The Actress also shared about how she challenged herself in losing some weight.

"I wanted to challenge myself. I said, 'Can you do it? Yes, you can. Test your willpower. You know who you are inside. You've been through things worse than this. Taba lang ito. 'So before the 'ASAP' tribute, I have gained more than 30 pounds nang hindi ko alam. So from January until now, I've lost 66 pounds," Cuneta shared. 

MAJOR TRANSFORMATION: Sharon Cuneta's New And Slimmer Look Will Definitely Surprise You!
Source: TNP , ABS-CBN , Instagram

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