'Lord Patawad' Rapper Bassilyo To Collab With Snoop Dogg and Fabio 2U! WATCH HERE!


Seems like pinoy talents are slowly taking over the world as another performer will be collaborating with renowned international talents. Lordivino Iganicio, better known as Bassilyo, will be peforming with international rappers, Snoop Dogg and Fabio 2U

Bassilyo is known for writing the single 'Lord Patawad' which made it to the top spot of the local charts for a couple of months in 2013. He is a rapper and a musician  and recently joined FlipTop. He started gaining popularity when his music video hit 12 million views.

He himself announced the collaboration which will be taking place in the year 2017. No specific date has been given but fans are already looking forward to the said collaboration. Bassilyo considers this a great honor. 


Source: TNP coorms

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