Is This Alex Gonzaga's New Boyfriend? Check Out The Guy Who Made Alex Gonzaga's Christmas Happy!


Sister of the famous Host and Actress Toni Gonzaga has long been a third wheel but now, it seems like Alex Gonzaga found a guy she can be proud of.

Alex recently posted a photo of her and her rumored boyfriend together happily celebrating Christmas Day.

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"It's really a merry Christmas and a happy holiday kaya naman season greetings to everyone! And yes, naka red siya kasi pasko," the caption wrote.

There have been many speculations about this guy and Alex's real score. Ever since the birthday celebration of Dreamscape head, Deo Endrinal, last November, the two have been asked about their relationship status.

Reports revealed that Alex already met with the guy's family and that her mother, Pinty, is also approving of their relationship.

Alex's followers continue to wonder if this guy in her photos is really her boyfriend in real life.
Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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