Lazada Girl Becomes Instant Online Sensation Because Of Her Unique Way Of Writing Down Her Address!

Have you tried ordering an item online only to have the package lost? Why don't you try what this girl did?

This girl became an instant online sensation just because of her package from Lazada.

People would just normally give their address and let the courier find the place. However, Rhea Prille Rose Tan gave step-by-step directions to her house. Literally.

"Yung umorder ka sa LAZADA tapos hindi mo alam address niyo? This. Atleast Hindi naligaw yung naghatid HAHAHAHA! Ganda daw ng info. Ko sabi ni Kuyang naghatid HAHAHA," Tan wrote on her facebook post.

Because of giving the exact direction, the delivery guy did not have a hard time finding the place and Tan got the nickname "Lazada Girl!"


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