Lance Gokongwei's 'Letter To His Children' Is What We All Need To Hear


Lance Gokongwei is one of the country's biggest businessmnen. The Chinese-Filipino is the President and CEO of Cebu Pacific Air and COO of JG Summit Holdings and Robinsons Retail Group.

On his book Letters to My Children published by Summit books, Gokongwei talked about the importance of devoting time to the family, hardwork and living a life of simplicity.

On the first part of his letter, Gokongwei opened up about his father and his deep love of family, which he showed through spending dinner with them despite their busy schedules.

"Your angkong’s presence made me realize that despite the pressures from his growing business, our family was always important to him. He always made time for his family."

"The best lessons I learned from my parents were from being with them and observing and listening to them at the dinner table. I learned about the importance of family. I learned about the importance of working hard," he wrote.

"Our family has always been a simple one. We’ve always worked very hard and we continue to do so."

"She (your ama) always tells us, 'Be yourselves. Don’t compare yourself to others. Because someone will always be smarter than you. Someone will always be better-looking or richer. So just go out there and be yourselves.'"

"So that’s what I want you to do, too. Have fun. Enjoy your childhood. Do what you want to do, not what others want you to do or what others consider to be cool. Choose your own path that will lead you through school and through the rest of your adult life. When you find joy in your chosen field, then working hard to be the best you can be at it will come naturally. You will excel," he further wrote.


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