Ladies, Stop Doing This To Your Private Parts! Must Watch!


We should understand how vital it is for one's health to maintain proper care and hygiene of the intimate areas.

Despite the various products in the market which claim they can improve health and prevent foul odor, women should do more research on proper care and hygiene of the body.

To properly care for the intimate area, avoid fragrant soaps, gels and detergents. Why?

The genitals may be easily irritated and among the most common reasons for this is soaps. Some chemicals used in soap may not be advisable for intimate use and may cause the mucosal lining of the private part to become unhealthy. Additionally other doctors suggest that it may also lead to infection and infertility. Some advise only the use of hot water during showers for proper hygiene.

According to another study, there are other possible causes for irritation of the vaginal area aside from soap and among these are lubricant and spermicides, shower gels, shampoos, deodorants or hygiene sprays, disinfectants, antispectics, oitments, washing powders and even hair removal creams or shaving

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