Kris Aquino Shares About Her Relationship with Ex-Husband James Yap and His Girlfriend Michela Cazzola


Being the Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino certainly has a knack for attracting attention to herself. 

She has done what may be impossible for many, as she became friends with her ex-husband’s girlfriend.

Kris Aquino and James Yap may have found a way to patch things up, after the downfall of their marriage and James having a son without Bimby knowing. 

This is just some of the drama that Kris and James went through despite already being separated.

However, it all turned out well for the former couple, as they are now both “cordial” as she puts it, partly because of James Yap’s girlfriend, Michela Cazzola.

She also shared about how Michela planned to have Joshua and Bimby come over for New Year, and that she genuinely felt the woman’s kindness

Kris Aquino, along with her two sons, are on their way back in the Philippines after a successful check-up in United States where she was deemed healthy by the doctors.  

On the other hand, James and Michela are happy with each other. Michela is known to be very supportive of James’ basketball career.

Source: TNP Chisms

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