Kim Jong-Un Orders North Koreans To Worship His Grandma Instead Of Celebrating Christmas!


No Christmas for North Koreans as Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un mandated his people to worship his grandmother, Kim Jong-suk instead of celebrating Christmas on the 25th of December.

Being an anti-Japanese guerilla and activist, Jong-un wanted the North Koreans to pay homage to "the Sacred Mother of the Revolution", Kim Jong-suk, since she was born on the 24th of December, Christmas eve. 

Looking back, it seems that the Supreme Leader is not really much of a fan of Christmas celebrations. According to, last 2014, the leader expressed rage over a Christmas Tree that was supposed to be built in Aegibong hill near which will be "clearly visible for many miles inside North Korea."

"However, the Korean Council of Religionists have announced that erecting the Christmas tree would be a "criminal" act and seen as an encouragement of war, according to comments reported by state-run news agency KCNA," stated by

Rather than celebrating festivities related to Christmas, people from North Korea goes to the tomb of Jong-suk during the holidays.

North Korea, known as a communist country, does not celebrate Christmas the way Christian nations do. Technically, Christmas is not banned, since it is not just considered as an important day for the North Korean people. 

Source: TNP , Inquirer

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