Experts Prove That Having Sex 3-4 Times A Week Can Remove Kidney Stones Easily!


Kidney stones have afflicted humans since time immemorial. The earliest kidney stones have been found in Egyptian writings way back to 1500 B.C. 

Kidney stones demand a lot of medications or surgical operations to remove these stones. But some doctor-researchers from the University of Ankara, Turkey found out a peculiar cure to these painful stones. 

And it is.. having s*x. Yes. Having s*x as a form of treatment for kidney stones have been confirmed and verified to be effective, and of course, a lot easier.

To prove this claim, the researchers divided 75 patients with kidney stones measured to be less than 6mm in size, in three groups and assigned different treatment procedures. The first group was prescribed to engage in s*x in 3-4 times a week. The second group used Tamsulosin, a muscle relaxant that is already used in treating kidney stones, and the third one used the standard method, that is to increase fluid intake and use painkillers. 

The test proved that in the first group, there was a success rate of 83.9%, in Group 2, there was only 47.6% and the last one, the lowest, 34.8%

These findings could mean that curing kidney stones would now be a lot cheaper and all the more enjoyable. Just remember to always practice safe s*x to avoid other complications. 

Kidney Stones? Not A Problem! Just Have S*x!
Source: TNP, Elitereaders

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