Jimmy Bondoc Defends President From Critics: 'The President is NOT sick. He is TIRED.'


Since President Duterte assumed office, he has faced different controversies, not just locally but also internationally. He has been criticized for the alleged extrajudicial killings brought about by his administration's war against drugs. But despite these, his supporters never faltered to defend him.

One of them is the singer Jimmy Bondoc who took his message to Facebook. He started the post saying: "The President is NOT sick. He is TIRED." He further noted that while many of Duterte's critics scream 'silent no more', his supporters also continue to shout the same slogan  for the "marginalized poor, the masses who've been duped into the drug trade, the taxpayers who've given the Elite their kingdoms through extractive institutions - the REAL Philippines."

He also shared how he shared dinner with the President and had talks about the Procurement Law and how they try to resolve conflicts about its process. He ended his post with a thought-provoking message saying: "Sure, he is Tired. But sorry, HATErs. He keeps waking up stronger and angrier. Yes, angrier. But his plans, if you would ONLY listen well enough, are as straight and clear as day. The weeds and the wheat shall be separated by our God-appointed leader. You want to help?"


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