Jimmy Bondoc Attacks Inquirer For Dilawang Pag-uulat, Claims He Has Evidence


Singer-songwriter and staunch President Rodrigo Duterte supporter Jimmy Bondoc slammed veteran mainstream broadsheet Philippine Daily Inquirer for "writing lies" and "endangering the life" of his friend TJ Sarvida.

Inquirer posted an article about Sarvida's father's death. Another Inquirer article was published when Bondoc said that his friend's father's death is homicide and not a wrongful death of war against drugs.

In his Facebook post, Bondoc said that he has evidence to prove that Inquirer lied to its readers about the information they posted on their paper.

"Meron kaming malinaw at di maitatangining ebidensya na sinungaling ang Inquirer. Dilaw ka man o Pula, hindi niyo na maitatanggi ang kawalang-hiyaan ng Inquirer. Hintayin niyo lang, at kayo ang humusga," he said.

"Ang pinaka masama dito ay inilagay nila ngayon sa matinding panganib ang kaibigang namin na si TJ Sarvida sa pamamagitan ng kanilang mali at malisosyong panunulat."

Bondoc is yet to release these "evidence" that he is talking about.

In the Inquirer articles, Sarvida, also a staunch singer-songwriter supporter of Duterte, said that his father was killed after an unknown assailant shot him. Critics of Duterte took this as one of the negative effects of the ongoing war againsts drugs, citing that even supporters of Duterte became collateral damage of the advocacy.

Bondoc also said that Duterte's critics, which he called "Dilaw na Ligaw," should not twist facts to be in favor of their side.

Inquirer is yet to respond to Bondoc's allegations.

Jimmy Bondoc Attacks Inquirer For 'Dilawang Pag-uulat,' Claims He Has Evidence
Jimmy Bondoc Attacks Inquirer For 'Dilawang Pag-uulat,' Claims He Has Evidence
Source: TNP , Facebook

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