Jihadi Parents Give Their Daughters Their Last Kisses And Goodbyes Before Sending One Of Them To Suicide Bombing Mission


As the war in Syria intensifies, the beliefs and faith of both parties are also tested to its extremes. 

In the video, you will see a woman (assumed to be the mother) hugging and kissing two little girls aged 7 and 9.  Meanwhile, their father shoots the video and instructs the children on how to detonate the bomb

Towards the end of the video, both girls chanted: Allahu Akbar! (Allah is Greater) and they went out of their house. 

A few hours later, a police station in Damascus got bombed. Reports say that there was a girl who pretended to be lost and entered the station. The little girl went to the washroom and presumably detonated the bomb from there. 

It is distressing to see how war could make people forget their humanity and even sacrifice their own children

Source: TNP, EliteReaders

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