Viral Video: Father Weeps Tears of Joy After His Sons Surprise Him With A Brand New SUV!


It truly is the season for thanksgiving and miracles. 

In a viral video posted on Facebook, Nilo Dela Cruz shared his dad's reaction after he and his brothers surprised their father with a brand new car. The video was originally posted on December 6 and has since been viewed 1.6 Million times.

Nilo's video features a group of boys with their father wandering around in a parking lot. Suddenly, the boys stopped in front of a white SUV and begin laughing and cheering. They embraced their confused dad in a group hug. One of the boys gave their father an automatic key and asked him to test it.

They cheered when the lights on the white SUV flashed.

Their father, still clueless about what was going on, said that they weren't allowed to use the car. One of the boys said they could, because the vehicle was already paid for.

Towards the end of the video, Nilo's dad realized what the boys have done and began weeping tears of joy. 

Amazing! Watch the joyful celebration here!

Source: TNP, Facebook

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