Instead Of Using Ointment To Treat Severe Burns, They Used This And The Result Is Unbelievable! Must Watch!


Maria Ines Candido da Silva underwent an experimental treatment using Tilapia skin after she suffered second degree burns from an explosion at her workplace. 

“The explosion left me with horrific injuries. I was in absolute agony and desperate for anything to ease my suffering.” Da Silva shared.

“When doctors suggested putting fish skin on my wounds I found the idea really strange. But I jumped at the chance because they said it would be far less painful than the normal treatment and easier to manage.” she added.

The Tilapia skin was placed on the burn wounds for 20 days to allow the fish skin time to restore the damaged tissue. After the treatment, her wounds were significantly healed

"We discovered the Tilapia fish skin performs significantly better in the healing process by soothing and curing severe wounds caused by burns." Says Dr. Edmar Maciel from the Dr. José Frota Institute Burns Unit.

“At first the fish skin felt really cold but within minutes of it being laid on, I didn’t feel any more pain and it felt cool and comforting. I was really surprised and grateful that it didn’t smell either.” Da Silva shared.

Watch video below:

Source: TNP, Facebook

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