Indonesian Man Proposes To His Girlfriend During A Coldplay Concert! Coldplay Frontman Chris Martin Even Stops The Concert For Them!


Proposing to your girlfriend in front of over 50,000 people and stealing the spotlight from one of the most famous bands in the world sounds too good to be true. This man successfully pulled it off.

Indonesian Lonardo Tanno proposed to his girlfriend Felicia Lie during a Coldplay concert held at Eithad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

In the middle of the song "A Sky Full Of Stars", Chris Martin, the band's frontman, stopped the song for Tanno's proposal.

Chris jokingly said that Tanno should make the proposal quickly because "people are gonna catch trains and s**t." 

Wracked with nerves, Tanno tightly gripped the microphone as he proposed to his girlfriend of three years. Holding back tears, Tanno said:

"So in the midst of Coldplay, my new best friend Chris, and all the people here in Melbourne I just want to say I love you. Will you marry me?"

As the crowd cried "awww" in unison, someone from the audience shouted and said Tanno should get down on his knees.

Tanno knelt down and showed his girlfriend the ring. With tears of joy, Felicia said yes.

The couple met in America last 2008 and they travelled to Melbourne just to watch the Coldplay concert. Felicia has been a huge Coldplay fan since she was a teenager, making this moment something that she'll never forget. 

The bride-to-be even invited Chris Martin to their wedding!

Watch the heart-warming proposal below:

Youtube Video
Source: TNP , Worldofbuzz

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