I Never Knew That I Was Starving Till I Tasted You: Abbie Tolentino Dances Sensually In New Trending Video!


Controversial figure Abbie Tolentino has a new video circulating social media - where she seductively dances.

Thankfully she's wearing more clothes in this time.  

In the video, Tolentino is seen swaying to singer Hailee Steinfeld's song "Starving". It would appear that Tolentino was following in Kim Domingo's footsteps as the sexy star danced to this song in her own sensual dance video. 

A few weeks ago a three-part sex scandal involving Tolentino and an unknown male lit up the internet. 

Many netizens expressed various opinions on those scandal videos - ranging from the derogatory to the titillated. While scandalous at her worst, Tolentino continues to stay active on Facebook where her fans continue to offer her support.

Her popularity is sure to continue with because of the new sexy dance video.

Watch her video here!

Source: TNP , Facebook

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