Hundreds Of Supposed PMA Alumni Slam Senator Trillanes For His Actions Against Senator Cayetano During EJK Hearing


Hundreds of supposed Philippine Military Academy graduates expressed their displeasure over the actions of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV toward Senator Allan Peter Cayetano during the senate hearing last September 16

In a Facebook post, a Facebook user expressed a group of what appeared to disgruntled PMA alumni’s deep embarrassment towards Trillanes’ behavior.

“You are not just an embarrassment to your people, to your family, to your co-alumni, you are an embarrassment to yourself.” 

Those were the words that Abe Purugganan used to describe the actions of Senator Trillanes. He wrote an open letter to Senator Trillanes and condemned him for his oppressive and bully-like behaviour. 

“Your actions against Mr. Cayetano can only be described along the lines of pre-historic men when grunting was to converse and reason was delivered by a club,” Purugganan said in his letter.

Along with the letter was a list of hundreds of names of those who support his letter that supposedly also graduated from the Academy. However, unverified if all of those names were indeed authentic.

Trillanes and Cayetano had a verbal tussle during the hearing for extra-judicial killings perpetrated under President Duterte’s bloody war on drugs. The hearing gained attention due to the testimony put forth by surprise witness Edgar Matobato, who was brought out by Senator De Lima.

Here is Abe Purugganan’s letter to Senator Trillanes IV, along with the list of his supposed supporters.

Hundreds of Supposed PMA Alumni Slam Senator Trillanes for His Actions Against Senator Cayetano During EJK Hearing
Source: TNP, Facebook

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