HULI: Police Respondents Shot Robber In Broad Daylight Despite Not Resisting Arrest


A shocking and alarming video is now going viral after one netizen caught authorities deliberately shooting a man who made no attempt to resist the arrest.

The video which was posted by famous Facebook personality and staunch Duterte critic Madam Claudia showed a man who apparently tried to rob the RCBC bank in San Pedro Laguna being interrogated and intimidated by cops. It was also caught on video how the man did not try to resist arrest but was still shot several times by the cop in broad daylight.

Amidst the entire interrogation, the cop tightly held the man's shirt making the man uneasy, it was clear that he made no attempt to escape. 

On her Facebook page Madam Claudia wrote:

HULI: Police Respondents Shot Robber In Broad Daylight Despite Not Resisting Arrest

Many netizens expressed their shock and fear after watching the video. The post was flocked by different insights in regards the incident.

One netizen commented: 

"Grabe, point-blank! Maski si ateng nagvivideo hindi nakeri ang mga pangyayari. Pero ano raw ba talaga ang nangyari? And I wonder kung ano official statement ng mga pulis about this? Trigger-happy! What happened to "maximum tolerance"? To "protect and serve"? Akala ko ba trained sila to follow protocols and rules of engagement and just incapacitate and apprehend suspects and criminals if possible? Ano kaya masasabi ng fanatics and deniers about this? Those famous supporter pages? Nanlaban pa rin? Ay alam ko na, 'Bakit, si Digong ba yung may gawa niyan?'"

However another wrote:

"Natatandaan nyo pb last 2 weeks ago yung nakamotor at bumaba sya ng motor nya pilit nya inaagaw yung bag nung babae tapos natumba yung babae at binaril at napatay tsaka kinuha yung bag.kawawa yung babae,pinatay na at kinuha yung bag nya.Sana wag kayong mabiktima at sana naman maubos n yung mga demonyong gumagawa nyan.nakakaawa sila patayin pero nakakatakot buhayin."

Source: TNP , Kami , Facebook

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