HULI-CAM: Pinoy Cop On Motorbike Threatens Old Car Driver Who Honked At Him


A Pinoy policeman caught on a video is now in hot waters as he faces the rage of the online Filipino community after bullying an old driver who honked at him.

The incident that took place in Paranaque along President's Avenue was recorded on a video by a netizen. She later shared the video along with her own point of view of the incident.

"There was this motorcycle that was ahead of us that was going pretty slow. My dad just beeped at him (and mind you, it was the friendly beep-beep kind of thing) just to let him know we were behind him and planning to overtake him," shared the netizen.

She also noted that they were not aware that the man was a cop until they noticed his gun holster as they drove past him.

Obviously irritated, the cop came, for them questioning what their problem was. 

Although they tried to explain their side and apologized for honking, the cop continued threatening them.

"Baka di mo kilala yung binubusinahan mo," the cop said.

Netizens urged them to file a complaint to teach the cop a lesson for intimidating and bullying other motorists. 

Source: TNP, Kami

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