Do You Have White Patches In Your Mouth? Here Are The Best Remedies To Deal With The Pain!


Do you have white patches  in your mouth? Do you sometimes feel pain in your mouth when you drink or eat salty food or even when you brush your teeth? Well, many people are experiencing this.

These are called mouth sores or "singaw". They are blisters which turn into small white painful craters. According to, "at least 1 in 5 people can develop aphthous mouth ulcers at some stage in their lives."

Mouth sores will disappear after 10-14 days. Fortunately, a variety of treatments can be done to lessen the pain and make the blister go away.

1. Papaya
This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and it also has carotenoids, Vitamin A and other essential nutrients. Papaya has properties which can relieve the pain in your mouth blisters.

2. Licorice
Licorice has been used as a medicine for 6000 years. It is also known to be used for the fast recovery from mouth sores.

3. Bicarbonate
This may be an old remedy but it works! Try putting a little baking soda on the blister. Doing this neautralizes the corrosive acids in your mouth, thus relieving the pain in your sores.

4. Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil can eliminate bacteria such as staphylococci, coli bacteria, herpes and candida fungus that are in your mouth.

This oil is used in different oral products for it is believed to be good in removing fungal infections in one's mouth.

All you have to do is put a small amount of tea tree oil on a cotton ball then dab it on the blister in your mouth.

5. Replace your toothpaste
If you keep on experiencing mouth sores, then you better replace your toothpaste. This is because toothpaste contains sodium lauryl which can irritate the mucous membrane of your mouth. 

If you have mouth sores, better use toothpaste that does not have any sodium lauryl sulphate.

HOW TO DEAL WITH 'SINGAW': Are There Small White Craters In Your Mouth? Here Are Some Home Remedies That Can Ease The Pain!
Source: TNP, Newsner

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