His Job Is To Walk Patients To The Operating Room, But The Camera Caught Him Doing Something Totally Unexpected!


Lindon Beckford has worked at a hospital for over 30 years. His job involves walking patients from their room to the operating room.

The walk towards the operating room is often fraught with fear for the patients, but thanks to people like Lindon, it can became easier to stomach.

With a heart filled with compassion and a big smile, Lindon greets the patients, "My name is Lindon and I will be your driver." With his angelic voice, he sings for them too.

Following him around the hospital, a reporter caught Lindon’s act of kindness on video. The reporter posted it online and the video has since gone viral. 

Lindon’s genuine warmth and compassion for these people during a difficult time in their lives has touched the hearts of everyone who saw the inspiring video. 


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