Her Neighbors Did This After an 89-Year-Old Woman Was Kicked Out of Her Own House. WATCH HERE!


88-year-old Angie Tyma had been living in her house in Hudson, Florida for 35 years. When her husband died at 58, a family friend bought the house and rented it to Tyma. However, when this friend had money issues, the house was sold into auction without her knowing. 

She came home at November 16 with her belongings thrown in the street and her house padlocked. Apparently, the new owners had already moved and forced her out. Tyma was shocked and was unable to process that there can be mean people to an 88-year-old woman. She was only given 24-hour-notice to vacate the area. 

Her neighbors, having seen and known Tyma for so long, were very concerned with her and helped her as best as they can. Danielle Calder, Tyma's 65-year-old neighbor said: “I wanted to buy the house. I wanted her back home.” So they worked out on a plan and Calder decided to buy the house for $167,500. Tyma would then rent the house to Calder. 

They also repainted and rearrange all Tyma's belonging just in time for Tyma's 89th birthday and surprised her! “It was worth it. I’m blessed to be able to help her.” Calder said. All of the neighbors gathered to help surprise her. This is Tyma's reaction. 

Watch below:

Source: TNP , Littlethings

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