WATCH: Kim Domingo Dances In A Steamy Video Wearing Only This!


Her dance would really make you go "starving" till you tasted her.

"Pantasya ng Bayan" Kim Domingo has been in the talks of online peeps with her recently uploaded video showing her sizzling assets.

Claded only with spaghetti top and red panty, Kim teased her fans with Hailee Steinfield's Starving. It may only be 27 seconds it was enough to make guys sweat so much.

With her sexy outfit, mesmerizing smile, fair-as-white-porcelain skin, tied-up hair and geeky glasses, this is really a dream come true for boys. An addition of her biting her lips on the last of the video would make them come for more.

As of the publishment of this story, the video has already reached two million views in a week. 

Source: TNP, Facebook

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