This Puppy Suffering From Chemical Burns Finally Found Someone Who Understands Him! Heartwarming!


Chloe Levenson was only a year and 3 months old when she became a burn victim. The burn marks on her body aren't very visible, but still affected the 14-year-old San Francisco Bay Area native in many ways. 

Enter Kristy Keusch. 

Kristy was a volunteer at Antioch Animal Services. One day the shelter manager pulled her inside and showed her a puppy in the recovery room. The puppy was in pain – suffering from what appeared to be chemical burns.

The puppy's name was 'Fireman'

Kristy knew Fireman needed a special kind of care and understanding. 

A local news station then reached out to a burn hospital – the same one that treated Chloe. 

Chloe wanted a new pet dog. For months she begged her mother Toby for a pet, to no avail. The burn hospital contacted Toby about Fireman the dog.

The girl and the dog met – the connection was instantaneous.

Now Fireman and his new owner Chloe are happy together – bonding over the same shared tragedy.

Watch the heart-warming video here!

Source: TNP littlethings

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