HEARTBREAKING: This 'Crying' Mother Seal's Love For Her Stillborn Pup Will Definitely Move You To Tears. WATCH HERE!


There is nothing greater than a mother's love. Apparently, this is true even among seals. A video recently went viral showing a heartbroken mother seal grieving for her stillborn pup. The seal was seen to be sticking around the seal even after a few days of being dead.

One netizen commented: "Its frightening the love an animal shows for its stillborn and yet a human can abort a child simply because it's inconvenient." and earned about 11 thousand likes. 

However, another netizen slammed the comparison and commented: "All these horrible people comparing this to a woman aborting a fetus. Really? A stillborn is not the same. A woman who miscarried or has a stillborn is a woman who lost a child she WANTED! These things are not the same."

The video already garnered over 366thousand likes and over 25 Million views. 

Watch it below:

Source: TNP, Facebook

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