This Son Prayed Over His Dead Father. What Happened Next Can Only Be Described as Miraculous!


Anthony Yahle’s heart stopped and he was clinically dead for 45 minutes. Afterwards, his teenage son Lawrence ran to his side and began talking to him.

What happened next surprised everyone, including the Yahle family and the medical professionals.

Anthony's miraculous story began when he went to bed with his wife Melissa. At 4AM Melissa woke up and noticed Anthony's breathing sounded strange. Melissa, a nurse for seven years, then tried to wake her husband up. She was unsuccessful. 

Melissa and their 17-year-old son Lawrence then performed CPR on Anthony until an ambulance arrived and rushed them to the hospital. The doctors expected to find some blockage in Anthony's arteries. They couldn't find any blockage in his heart, or anything else that was wrong with Anthony for that matter.

Later that afternoon, Anthony's heart stopped beating. Doctors tried to revive him but they were unsuccessful. For 45 minutes, Anthony was technically was dead.

In an interview with ABC News, cardiologist Dr. Raja Nazir said "There was no spontaneous blood pressure or pulse. And with very heavy hearts we had to stop and we had to pronounce him dead."

When the medical staff prepared to take Anthony's body to the morgue, Lawrence ran to his father's side, refusing to believe that he was dead. The son stood beside their pastor, Paul, and began talking to his father.

"Dad, you're not going to die today." he said. 

As Lawrence walked off, Paul called him back. The heart monitor still attached to Anthony began beeping. Doctors had no idea what was happening to Anthony. All they knew for sure was that he was coming back to life.

God is truly good! Watch the video here for all the details!

Source: ABCNews, TNP

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