Gynecologist Reveals Brutal Procedure Of Abortion! WATCH HERE!


Abortion is becoming more common around the world. While it solves complicated problems for some, those who undergo this procedure risk  hemorrhage, cervical laceration, uterine perforation, infection, maternal death and future pregnancy complications.

Most women who had an abortion often undergo operation during the second quarter of the pregnancy when the fertilized egg is just the size of the palm. This is what Anthony Levatino shared in a video which went viral across social media. He is an obstetrician-gynecologist and has performed 1,200 abortions as of this writing. In America, abortion during the fourth month of pregnancy is not allowed.

Dr. Levatino explained that abortionist uses a device called "Sopher Clamp". They crush the limbs and pull it out of the cervix before proceeding with the other parts of the body.

Watch the full video below:

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