Groom Wears The Wedding Dress Of His Bride, The Reason Behind It Will Leave You In Tears!


Finding a partner who is willing to do everything for you is hard. However, this woman was lucky enough to find someone who really loves her; so much so that the guy wore the bride's wedding dress on their wedding day.

It may sound crazy but it's true. Couple Wu Shuai and Ou Qian did this on their wedding day! The family and friends of the couple were bewildered when the pair came out wearing different clothes. Wu Shai wore his bride's beautiful wedding dress while Ou Qian wore the groom's suit.

The reason? The bride thought that she 'looked fat' wearing the wedding dress and she refused to wear it. Wu Shuai decided on a radical solution to the problem-- "Sometimes you just have to put yourself in her shoes. It's the key to a happy marriage," the groom said.

Source: TNP, Viral4real

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