GIRLS Avoid Doing This During Your Period! MUST READ!

Along with the period comes massive pain in the back or stomach.

In order to relieve this and prevent further complications, keep these DONT'S in mind:

Don't Go For Too Much Physical Activity
If you are feeling the back or stomach cramps, it's a signal to reduce too much physical interaction.

Don't Stay Up Late
Rest is needed because it decreases the feeling of distress.

Don't Skip Meals
You should eat well to make up for the blood you are excreting. Food will restore your strength for the day.

Don't Practice Unprotected Intercourse
Did you know there's a higher chance of pregnancy during period? 

Here's more of the things you should stop doing on your period:

1. drinking soda water
2. eating cucumbers (the composition of cucumber can lead to liquid retention in the uterine walls)
3. drinking ice water (it may lead to menstrual blood remaining in the uterine wall)

GIRLS Avoid Doing This During Your Period! MUST READ!

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