Gigil: When Filipinas Have A Cute Attack On A Baby! Must Watch!


A really adorable video has just gone viral and surely you'll relate to this!

Everyone loves babies and we just can't get enough of the cuteness. Filipina mothers or women have a way of trying to suck it all in in their "cute attack" or what many call to be "gigil" or overexcitement towards something.

This viral video with over 8.2 Million views, 75,000 reactions and over 71,000 shares will make you remember your mother or your aunt and their moments.

Many netizens commented:

"Yo! Happy slip. Thank you so much for making this. When my kids were babies, my mom did this all the time. I miss her so much.... Again thanks for this wonderful memory," -Frank John Ochmann III

"I do this all the time! Now thay my son is already 4, he's the one who makes gigil. It only looks rough but when you say gigil it means you want to squish someone but you cant so it's the facial expression that makes you look crazy," -Ronna Rizza

Source: TNP , Facebook

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