From Jose Viceral To Vice Ganda: His Journey From The Closet To Being The ‘Unkabogable Star’


Many people say that a sure way to measure a celebrity’s fame is by counting how many times you would see them daily on your television screens

If this is true, then this is just an affirmation of how influential the ’unkabogable’ Vice Ganda truly is. You can see him seven days a week in everything, from normal timeslots to noontime and primetime blocks as well. He is also heavily featured in TV advertisements. Basically, he’s everywhere all of the time.

But before being the famous celebrity he is today, Vice was originally known as Jose Marie Borja Viceral, born on March 31, 1976, under the star sign Aries. He is the youngest of five siblings, growing up in the outskirts of Sta. Cruz, Manila

As a child, he was a normal boy. Despite being surrounded by poverty and violence, he lived a fairly normal life. He could often be found playing basketball with his friends at the barangay court. Yet deep inside, he knew that he was only pretending. 

Vice’s father was a barangay kagawad who often mistreated his two older brothers because they were gay. Vice was his father's favorite because he thought that he was the only "true boy" among his sons. Vice tried to play that role because he didn’t wanted to add to the problems their family had during those times. 

When he was thirteen years old, an inexplicable tragedy struck their family. His father was shot right in front of him. The reasons are still unclear and the killer has not been convicted up to this day. Due to this incident, their mother had to work abroad to support their family. 

Vice also helped out. Their mother left them under the care of their grandparents. He sold bottled water in the streets whenever he wasn’t attending school. He recalls having sold a lot of bottles during one particular World Youth Day

He attended college in Far Eastern University where he majored in Political Science. This is where he got the nickname ‘Vice’ as a shorter version of his surname. This is also the point in his life when he embraced his sexuality and let go of his inhibitions. What's amazing is that, although he used to strut FEU’s halls like a supermodel, he became famous for his amazing basketball skills which got the attention and admiration of both the boys and girls. 

His career in the entertainment industry started when he went to a comedy bar with his friends. He was then invited by the comedians onstage so they could make fun of him. But they were shocked when Vice's rebuttals were funnier than theirs. He was immediately offered a stint in different comedy bars managed by Ricardo Cepeda, who also coined his famous screen name, Vice Ganda. 

He became famous for his "horse" jokes and witty one liners. After being selected as one of the main hosts of the daily noontime show, It's Showtime, and charming the public with his unique and fast-hitting brand of comedy, Vice Ganda began to conquer the silver screen. 

His movie, Beauty and the Bestie, is still the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time, earning an estimated Php 526,000,000.00. He has also been able to sell out concerts and his comedy talk show ‘Gandang Gabi Vice’ has been running strong for almost five years now. He is also a platinum recording artist. 

His current net worth is a whopping Php 50-100 Million. 

Source; TNP, Youtube

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