Foreigner Was Robbed And He Is Asking For Help For Him To Return To His Family This Christmas


Photos of a foreigner in his tank top and shorts have been circulating in social media lately. According to the netizen Mary Jane Barcelon, she saw the foreigner in Robinson's Place Manila. She said that the foreigner claims he lost his passport, his money and even his clothes. Barcelon is asking for help from netizens as well as the foreign embassies in the country to help the poor guy. 

He carries a card which includes his passport photo. The card says "My passport was stolen I wont be able to get a replacement till after Christmass. I have no money please help."

Some netizens expressed sympathy for the foreigner. However, many noted that there have seen the foreigner months ago and they were shocked that he is still there. In fact, they said that he has a Facebook profile, so it seems impossible that he cannot contact his family. 

A certain Queen V said, "Sounds like he has a British accent.... hmmmmm why he need to beg for money to get a new passport if he can easily go to his embassy and ask for assistance."

Some netizens even assumed that the guy is simply using it as a ploy to make money. Some also said that the guy may have been kicked out of his own country. 

Charwin Fernandez said, "He's a drug addict that he stole money from his family just to buy drugs. Saw his niece's post about him. His family doesn't have a clue on why he push himself to come here in the Philippines."

There is still no news which verifies the foreigner's claims. 

   Source: TNP, Facebook

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