First Jollibee In Canada Is Now Open! Check It Out!


Jollibee is going global as it opens its first store in Canada on Friday.

In 2017, the company will be opening up 150 stores worldwide, bringing their famous Chickenjoy and Jolli Spaghetti to people all over the world.

"No freezing weather can stop our best friend Jollibee from bringing the JOY to Winnipeg, Canada," the company wrote on twitter.

Despite the freezing weather, customers are already lined up as early as 7 AM to experience the Philippine's largest fast food chain.

Filipinos aren’t the only ones excited to eat at Jollibee. Curious Canadians who are eager to try Jollibee for the first time also flocked the opening.

One of Virgin Radio's hosts said that Jollibee's gravy is like a warm hug and that the Chickenjoy was so good. Another host said that he loved that there were hotdogs in his spaghetti.

First Jollibee In Canada Is Now Open! READ IT HERE!

"It brings us great joy that we are able to bring a taste of home to Filipinos and a new culinary experience to Canadians," said Jose Miñana, Jollibee Group President for North America and Foreign Franchise Brands.

Jollibee, the company's mascot, wore a light blue scarf and gave the customer a warm welcome.


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