Filipina Lawyer Graduated As The Top Student In UK School! Amazing!


Filipinos are awesome. This is what a Filipina lawyer has proven after attaining unimaginable achievements in London. She is lawyer Rhio Fuentes-Nuylan who finished with flying colors her postgraduate studies under the Chevening Scholarship in the Queen Mary University of London. The said scholarship is a prestigious scholarship under the auspices of the government of Britain and is supported by  Megaworld Foundation in the Philippines

She was awarded as the Top Performing Student for the Master of Science in Law and Finance. She chose the course to better handle her job at Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas as a senior bank officer.

In an interview, she said that the knowledge she acquired in the United Kingdom inspired her to contribute to the betterment of the country;s policies when it comes to the finance. 

“In government, there is an opportunity for people to become catalysts of change. At the BSP, our work involves providing the technical input for important financial legislation,” she said. 

“Family will always be the primary consideration. They are the priority. But, you just have to believe that it is worth the sacrifice. Despite the challenges, you have a goal set in your mind. When these obstacles appear in front of you, you need to re-orient yourself and focus on the objective. Those challenges should never make you give up however difficult they may be,” she added.

Filipina Lawyer Graduated As The Top Student In UK School! Amazing!
Source: TNP, Yahoo

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