#FightWithNathan: Family Of Baby Born With Rare Disease Needs Your Help!


Today's generation is blessed with the means of networking, advocating and raising awareness in the simplest and easiest way possible- Facebook.

And fortunately for couple Judith and Archie Riva, Facebook can also be used as a means to get help from kind-hearted strangers in order to save their child's life.

Newborn Baby Nathan was only 23 days old when a tragic incident transpired forcing his parents to rush him to a hospital due to his incessant vomiting the entire day. 

Sadly, the young child had to have a huge portion of his intestines removed. He will be forced to endure this condition throughout his lifetime. 

Baby Nathan's parents knew that the battle would be hard and they could not carry it by themselves.

"We believe that [the] more people [pray] for one cause, the more powerful it becomes," Archie said.

Their page was first meant to gather prayers. However, as the burden grew heavier they knew they would also need financial aid for Nathan as they had very limited resources.

The child's monthly health maintenance costs up to P300,000, according to the parents. Fortunately, the GoFundMe page of the baby was able to raise P700,000.

"Really, the group, our friends, and family members have been a tremendous, tremendous help because without them, we know that we won't be here, Nathan won't be here," says Judith.

"Whenever we post, we always pray before we post--for it to be something that is inspiring, something that will help draw people closer to God, something that will be accepted in the right way because really, the intent of our page is apart from fundraising, is really our promise to God that we will be using the page to inspire a lot of people, to show his mercy, his love through Nathan."

Source: TNP, ABS-CBN

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