Facebook Post Of A Girl Who Suffered Years Of Abuse From An Abusive Guy Who Is The Father Of Her Child Goes Viral! Must Read!


A recent Facebook post of a girl directed to the abusive father of her child went immediately viral in social media.

In her very emotional and fiery post, Zel described what type of a father her partner is. Not only did she shared her resentment towards her partner but she also shared how his family treats her and her child. She claimed that the guy and his family are abusive and selfish. Zel also shared how strong she is as a woman and as a mother to her baby given her circumstance.

At the end of her post, Zel explained the reason why she felt the urge to post her message publicly. She did not want the attention of anyone but she wanted her partner to realize all her resentment as he seems to be not paying attention to her and to their baby.

With a total of 37 thousand Facebook reactions and more than 18 thousand shares, Zel's post immediately grabbed the attention of many Facebook user. Netizens sympathized by giving her words of encouragement. Majority of the discussion in the comment section tackled how Zel managed to choose her partner despite his attitude. Other tried to give ladies like Zel some sort of reminders before entering the responsibility of parenthood.

"Let this be a lesson to all girls na wag lang basta bigay ng bigay. Always test men using "time". Di porket nagpakita ng kabaitan eh ok na, wag mo muna sagutin, give it "time". Check to see if his attitude will change," Facebook user Marion Antero wrote.



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